17 Best Urdu shows to watch online (June 2021)

2017-04-01 | FlixCatalog Staff

Looking for some of the best Urdu show you can watch online in US? Fret not, we are here to help you. Here is a list of all the Urdu show you can watch on some of your favourite OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hotstar. Amazon Prime Video has the most content in this language amongst all streaming platforms.

Dania, a recently widowed woman, tries to woo Bunty, a young man, by spending lavishly on him. But Bunty is not interested in her and continues to flirt with other women.

9.3/10\N min

Available in 1 platform(s).

Diyar-e-Dil (2015)

Story revolves around on the splinted family issue with separated parents. The story concludes a moral lessons regarding respect, love and care in relationships.

9.1/10\N min

Available in 1 platform(s).

A school teacher was left by her husband with her 3 daughters and marries another women for the sake of getting a male child. The story focuses on gender biasness and the difference between the classes in terms of the affluence level.

9/1042 min

Available in 1 platform(s).

Humsafar (2011)

Ashar and Khirad are forced to get married due to desperate circumstances. Sara is Ashar's childhood friend and believed she would marry Ashar. Khirad is caught within this love-triangle with other internal and external forces at play.

9/1035 min

Available in 1 platform(s).

Bano and her fiance face the trials and tribulations caused by the 1947 Indian partition.

8.8/10\N min

Available in 1 platform(s).

A young college graduate from a modern elite family from Islamabad falls in love with the daughter of an Imam.

8.7/10\N min

Available in 2 platform(s).

Main Abdul Qadir Hoon is a story of a man who seeks solace in religion after a heart-break but finds more than what he seeks.

8.6/10\N min

Available in 1 platform(s).

Dolly Ki Ayegi Baraat (2010)

Azar's wedding leaves Dolly heartbroken and she agrees to marry her cousin, Mushtaq as per her mother's wish however Dolly realizes her feelings for Nabeel. Set in the backdrop of wedding festivities, will Dolly be able to make a choice?

8.5/10\N min

Available in 2 platform(s).

A college student with father-estrangement issues and a passion for music finds herself being roped into the college band. The lead singer's girlfriend takes an instant dislike to Enaaya and there is friction on stage.

8.4/1025 min

Available in 1 platform(s).

Do Qadam Dur Thay (2014)

When Zohaib is forced to marry Nayab on gunpoint, he leaves her in the middle of a road and runs away. Do Qadam Dur Thay is a gripping story of love, sorrow and heartache as two people who are seeking each other despite of being together.

8.4/10\N min

Available in 2 platform(s).

Traffik (1989)

The Hamburg police arrest an international businessman, charging him with smuggling heroin from Pakistan. While he's on trial, his trophy wife, a former Olympic swimmer, discovers steely ...

8.4/10315 min

Available in 2 platform(s).

Bashar Momin (2014)

Rudaba's life takes a turn when she is forced to live in Bashar's house. Bashar Momin's selfishness and the right to misuse power entitles him to disturb the life of Rudaba. However, behind Bashar's daunting personality lies a dark secret.

8.3/10\N min

Available in 2 platform(s).

Gul-e-Rana (2015)

A girl named Gul-e-Rana (Sajal Ali) who always struggled to get the rights of women gets married to a abusive man Adeel (Feroze Khan). She tries to transform Adeel's mentality for which she...

8.1/1040 min

Available in 1 platform(s).

A sister struggle to avenge the murder of her only brother who was killed by a short tempered politician only son.

8/10\N min

Available in 1 platform(s).

An arranged engagement between a village girl and her city cousin shows signs of true love, but an indiscretion decades ago could doom their romance.

7.4/1043 min

Available in 1 platform(s).

Romeo Weds Heer (2018)

Hailing from two different backgrounds, Romeo and Heer are destined to meet and fall in love however along the way loyalties are put to test and misunderstandings arise. Will they ever find their happy ending?

6.9/10\N min

Available in 2 platform(s).

Razia Sultan (2015)

This sweeping historical drama charts the rise of a remarkable real-life figure, the first woman to ever rule the Delhi Sultanate.

5.7/1021 min

Available in 1 platform(s).