Widget Documentation

What is FlixCatalog Widget?

The FlixCatalog widget allows you to receive up to date information on OTT availability for movies and tv shows on services such as Netflix,Amazon Prime Video , HBO , iTunes , DisneyPlus , Hotstar and many more.

What data do you get from the FlixCatalog Widget?

Providers : A provider is what we call a OTT service and its catalogue. Examples of providers are Amazon Video, Netflix, etc. Here is an example of how the provider and streaming information in the widget would look like:

How to use FlixCatalog Widget in your website ?

Integration in 2 easy Steps:

1. Add the widget HTML to your page.

<div data-fc-widget data-append-iframe="true" data-api-key="your unique Production apikey" data-region="availability,eg :US or IN" data-imdbid="imdbid of your flix" ></div>

2. Add the Javascript to the end of <body> of your page or add it anywhere after the widgets.

<script async

How to adjust the widget size ?

The widgets can be scaled down or up in size by adding a data-scale attribute to the widget. The default scaling of the widget is 1.0 .

Example :<div data-fc-widget 
 data-api-key="your unique Production apikey"

A visual representation of widgets scaled to different sizes can be seen in the examples shown here.

How to test the widgets in your local environment ?

We provide a Test apikey and a limited number of imdbid's for testing the widgets in your Test environment . To test the widget locally use your Test apikey and any of the imdbid's as depicted in the below example.

Example :<div data-fc-widget 
 data-api-key="your unique Test apikey"

Use these imdbid's for testing in respective regions,

  • IN : tt0068646 , tt0903747 , tt0468569 , tt1375666 , tt0114814 , tt6077448 , tt0367495 , tt6146586 .
  • US : tt6146586 , tt4154796 , tt0499549 , tt0944947 , tt0367495 , tt9747594 , tt1427969 , tt0903747 .
  • How to get access to our widget API ?

    To subscribe to our widget API visit flixcatalog.com/apis/widget.